Your way back to life

I assist people who experience a severe crisis in life or a more general crisis of meaning. You are the center of attention, the coaching is completely aimed at your individual needs. With a sense of lightness, a feeling of confidence and, above all, a healthy dose of humour, while acknowledging the suffering, you will gain new insight into your feelings.

Berg mit See

Psychiatric work

Through my years of work in psychiatry, I am familiar with a whole range of mental disease patterns and know how to go about them successfully.


The targeted examination of the consequences of your previous behaviour baselines guidance for changes that will lead to more contentment in life.


For a sustainable improvement in quality of life, spiritual aspects can also play a decisive role in addition to the reflection of your thought processes.

My qualifications

In addition to my many years of work as a psychologist and ADHD coach, I also help people get back on their feet again in professional clinical settings. I also employ the self-efficacy-activating method of PEP, with which I have managed to help many of my clients.
Dietmar Klimmek

PEP Tapping

As a certified PEP therapist, I work with body-oriented methods through which negative emotions are treated.

ADHD Coach

For decades I have been working with ADHS affected to develop a self-determined approach to themselves as well as their proximity.

Outpatient consultations

Individual and group sessions are part of my responsibility at the Outpatient clinic.

Psychiatric Hospital

At the Langen Clinic I work in outpatient and inpatient sectors with mentally ill patients.

It's about you

In a personal atmosphere

Home visits

At your residence

Emergency assistance

Phone, FaceTime, Skype or WhatsApp


Cooperation with experienced psychiatrists & psychologists

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Stability and contentment

The therapeutic mentoring of people seeking help is a demanding but at the same time interesting and fulfilling mission.

I have already been able to help many people to take their lives back into their own hands. Are you unsure which path to take? In the course of your coaching sessions you will get to know yourself and your abilities, talents and resources better. This way, you can bring back light into darkness and discover what helps you to improve your overall quality of life.

Aftercare is as much important as the coaching itself. If you feel the need for an anchor after the end of the coaching due to turbulences in your life, I will help you to apply what you have learned - even in difficult situations.